Mike Muir on the next Suicidal Tendencies album

In a recent interview, Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir was asked when fans can expect a follow-up to last year’s 13, which was their first album of all-new material in 13 years. Muir replied:

“Right now I have no answer to that as far as the previous one. There were a lot of things that went on and I think for us now, if everyone said they wanted to get into the studio and there was something they really wanted to do, I’d take it into consideration. But we’re in the studio all the time, we’re always recording.

I enjoy doing music in that, I hope that we’ll get a reaction from people but I think we get limited by time. Now we’ve been doing it over 30 years, every record we’ve put out we’ve pretty much attacked and critiqued and put on another level. Years later, people that weren’t even born when they hear it for the first time, they’ve got a different reaction to it. So I think the longevity allows us to look at music differently rather than how music is perceived on a particular day. And now that music doesn’t sell I think it’s a great opportunity for younger people to actually try to do something that’s completely different because there is no market, so to speak.

For us, there was punk rock, where we’re from, that genre is super small. Bands brag about selling 5,000 copies so you didn’t do it to sell records, you didn’t think you would sell records. I think it’s full circle now where people don’t buy records. It allows you to do music, it’s something you don’t have to worry about how it’s going to be perceived. But I think it’s the other way too, some people are even more concerned about that stuff. I look at it as, I hope the next big record is from somebody somewhere obscure and maybe one of my kids play it and I’ll go, “Who the f–k is that?!” I have to listen to it a few times and go, “Wow, I appreciate what they’re doing.””

Suicidal Tendencies just finished a U.S. tour with Slayer and Exodus, and are currently playing some shows on the West Coast.

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