Modern Life Is War drummer loses it, provokes police into car chase, ends in jail time

I know what you’re thinking.  There’s no way the sweet and innocent face pictured to the left could possibly cause any mischief but I’m here to tell you the shocking reality.  Tyler Oleson, drummer of Iowa’s melodic hardcore act Modern Life Is War, has apparently gone bananas.

On Saturday night Oleson allegedly drove up next to a Marshalltown cop car, flipped off the officer driving and then attempted to ram him off the road.  A short car chase ensued ending with a collision caused by Oleson and followed by a foot chase and a good old tasering.

Oleson is now charged with alluding criminal mischief in the second degree, aggravated assault, and OWI first offense. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges could be filed.

You can get more details from this article on the

Modern Life Is War released their new album “Fever Hunting” on September 3rd via Deathwish Inc.

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