Moms everywhere go bananas after violence breaks out at Youth Brigade / TSOL gig in LA

Wow, crazy stuff! LA Weekly reports that violence broke out outside a Youth Brigade / TSOL gig at the Key Club last night, which eventually led to the shutting down of Sunset Blvd and a hospital visit for one unlucky patron.  Not surprisingly it all started with a scuffle between bouncers and concert goers but when police officers were called in they were met by flying rocks and bottles from an angry mob. Eventually everything calmed down but to me the best part of this story began today in the comments of the LA Weekly story itself.  Moms are FREAKING OUT.  A hilarious virtual argument on the evils of punk rock ensues after this is left as the first comment:

“punk shows should be banned. careless and disrespectful punks are always getting into fights.”

The comment string is well worth a read if you need a good laugh.  Check it out here.

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