Morrissey to release Ramones Tribute

Remember in August how we told you about all those major Ramones’ events in the works in 2016? Well, we have a little bit more news and you won’t have to wait half as long for it happen!

As part of Record Store Day’s “Back To Black Friday” event on November 28th, Morrissey will release his “best of” tribute album. Most people will be either stoked or livid. I’m actually completely unsure how I feel about this right now. Either way, the vinyl “Morrissey Curates The Ramones” will be available just three weeks from now. Read below for more info on the release and the albums logo.

Record Store Day’s website notes the following:

“..This compilation reflects Morrissey’s experience of listening to the band for the first time. With the sad passing of Tommy recently, both management and Morrissey felt this was a fitting tribute. The use of the Union Jack on the cover reflects both how important the band were to the UK music scene but also how the UK embraced them and their sound.”


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