Motion City Soundtrack release 8 bit marketing ploy

You know a band has a serious marketing team in their corner when they release a gimmicky video game for us computer geeks to get sucked into for absolutely no reason.  Today that band is Motion City Soundtrack.  An 8 bit style computer game was just launched called “True Romance,” in which a damsel in distress  needs rescuing from monster robots, evil slime, and deadly rats. Fans will have the option of playing as their favorite member of Motion City Soundtrack to rescue the girl, and in the process unlock exclusive Motion City Soundtrack content, blah blah blah.  There’s a prize involved and you can kill some time trying to win it here.

Motion City Soundtrack will soon be releasing a “Making Moves” 7-inch series. For those who have not heard, Making Moves has been an on-going project that the band has been doing via a partnership with Drexel University, releasing 7-inch singles by various participating bands.

Motion City Soundtrack released their fifth studio album, “Go”, on June 12 through Epitaph Records. Motion City Soundtrack’s Making Moves 7-inch comes out on November 6th, 2012.

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