Motorhead releases their own brand of vodka

While it’s not straight-up punk music, this story on Motorhead was just too good to pass up.

The band has released their very own brand of vodka, creatively marketed as “Motorhead Vodka.” Straight out of small-town Sweden, this sure-to-be-classy drink should meet the standards of the snobbiest of liquor snobs:

“Motörhead Vödka is a premium vodka made from 100% locally grown wheat that has been distilled and bottled in the small markettown of Malmköping, Sweden. It has a rich, full bodied and complex character, with a light and fruity aftertaste. A touch of barley gives the vodka a rounded and mellow grain character.”

If you happen to be Swedish you can order a bottle here. The drink will be available internationally soon. As far as NOFX moonshine or Flogging Molly whiskey, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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