Music Video: AFI – “Beautiful Thieves”

afi9 The new AFI video Beautiful Thieves has premiered on MTV and you can check it out here.

The song is from their latest album Crash Love which was released last September.

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  • Dudes! Are you serious? Let us try to remember why we love indie music and keep the Billboard Chart busting Pop Punk bands off of here. Remember it’s not the hair cuts and tattoos that make a band a indie success story, its the conviction to keep making good music and be successful in-spite of corporate record labels telling us we can’t do it with out them. AFI is a decent Pop band worthy of their MTV awards but has no place on this Blog.

    • Jauma, first of all, I dig your passion around the indie music scene, specifically the Punk Scene. And THANK YOU!!! for creating a profile and leaving this comment on our actual site instead of just facebook. Huge props to you for that!

      I know it’s painful to read about a band you don’t believe represents the scene on a blog that is supposed to be all about promoting that scene. Hell, it’s sometimes painful to write the posts that we do, but we’re going to keep covering AFI and here’s why:

      1. While they may be mere shells of the punk band they once were, the fact remains that these dudes were once one of my all time favorite punk rock bands. It really bums me out to hear an album without one ounce of the aggressiveness I used to love them for but even so, I’m always going to want to know what is going on with this band, if nothing else than mere curiosity and the hope, however ill founded, that they one day will write another “Black Sails…” album. I’m sure a lot of other old school punk fans will share that curiosity.

      2. (And this is the most important reason) One of my biggest goals with Dying Scene is to help the punk bands that I love gain exposure to larger audiences. If some kid comes to our site because they want to watch an AFI video and then ends up getting introduced to, and liking, a band like Energy or even Screeching Weasel, then I consider that a huge success. This doesn’t mean we’re going to cover Metallica or Weezer but if a band falls somewhere within the greater punk scene umbrella, we’re going to use them to suck in more readers and in turn hopefully increase the awareness of the greater number of smaller bands we built this site for.

      Hope you still use us to keep tabs on the what’s happening in the Punk Scene, and thanks for stirring the pot – it’s what keeps this scene interesting.

  • Are you serious? AFI started out almost 20 years ago, putting out the majority of their records on indie labels (Nitro, Adeline). So because their sound evolved, and they are having commercial success, means they’re no longer punk, or worthy of their place on this blog. Give me a break. I thought “punk” was doing whatever the fuck you want. NOT following anyone else’s rules. If these are the songs that they want to make, so be it, and if they’re having success with it, thats even better. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean its not worthy of a spot on dying scene. Start your own blog.

  • I’m a big fan of embracing the glory days of the ol’ (relatively speaking) punk bands like Blink 182, Less Than Jake, AFI, etc instead of trying to focus on what they’re doing now (which is an obvious change from the past). All of the aforementioned bands had amazing albums that really influenced punk music – Cheshire Cat, Losing Streak, and Answer That and Stay Fashionable, respectively. Let’s also not forget that all of these albums came out in the mid-90’s, and are a far cry from the more ‘legendary punk’ bands like Sham 69, Cock Sparrer, Ramones, etc. from the late 70’s and 80’s. This just shows that punk music is so dynamic, always changing and growing, just as we do.

  • I’d have to agree with milhouse and andrew, and take it a little farther. Just because AFI may have changed and may be having major success right now, doesn’t mean they weren’t punk back in the day.

    Though their music may be a little (or a lot) more poppy and radio friendly now, doesn’t mean they didn’t put out some badass records in the past. The fans they hook these days may take the time to listen to old school AFI and find they really like the old school heavy sound more than they do the new poppy sound. And if that becomes the case, than the fan may go out and try and find other, niche punk bands. That means our new, (metaphorical) punk fan is keeping what we all know and love alive. The evolution isn’t a bad thing, its continuing the punk legacy, in its own, strange and poppy way…

  • Plain and simple, it’s called maturing. How can anyone expect a band to maintain the same sound over the span of damn near 20 years? That has to get a little monotonous, no? Although I’m way more into their earlier releases that make me wanna break out into a spontaneous pit, I certainly still embrace the new material that’s put out; and at the very least, give it a few spins before dismissing it entirely. Who doesn’t like a little variety, anyway?

  • Yes! a little passion stirred up here on Dying Scene. I love it. I agree most of you. I had this same inner battle with The Offspring. One of my favorite punk rocks bands making pop music, but I stuck with them and they have came out with some pretty cool stuff since. Once a fan always a fan.

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