Music Video: Empty Handed (hardcore-punk) – “Alseep”

German hardcord-punk (melodic hardcore?) act Empty Handed have released a music video for their new single “Asleep.”  You can watch it below and if you dig it you can buy the track on Empty Handed’s bandcamp page.

Empty Handed released their last album, “A Memory Than No One Clings Onto” in January, 2013 via Blackheart Records.




I couldn’t tell by the look in your eyes
If it’s just the empty room
The empty heart
The empty scars
When fading away in an empty world
I bet deep inside you were just waiting for a chance to say goodbye
But I was never there
I’ve always been anywhere
You kept searching
I’ve always been anywhere
And you, you kept searching
When they both passed away,
It was too much for you to take
The walls came closer
The seasons got colder
The sickness took you away
And I watched you fall asleep
I couldn’t take my eyes from your face
Now you’re gone
And I, I will see you again
In any way, anytime, anywhere
(I’ll keep you in my heart)
I wish that you would know
I am sorry for all of this
Now I only hope that this letter finds you well and happy
Farewell my love

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