New Heartsounds album due out in June

Last week, Heartsounds teased us with a little video of new music from the studio where they are working on their new release. At least now we know when to expect them to follow through and stop leading us on (because that’s just mean) — the new album will be out in June on Epitaph (and the big cheese himself, Brett Gurewitz, will be producing the album’s vocals).

Ben Murray had a fair bit to say about it:

What can I say about this record that every other band hasn’t always said about their upcoming record? Nothing, really. But I hope you believe me when I say that the follow up to Until We Surrender has turned out to be much, much faster, a bit more technical, and definitely more melodic. I think it’s the increase in melody that makes the speed and technicality of these 12 new songs pretty unique. All we wanted to accomplish with this second LP was to create our version of what we feel is a progressive and refreshing take on melodic punk rock, and I think we’ve achieved that. We’re definitely excited for you all to hear this new record, and we sincerely feel like it’s a natural progression of the band.

The album is a follow-up to 2009’s Until We Surrender (which was re-released on Epitaph last year).

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