10 Punk Songs That Will Get You Through the Rest of the Week (curated by Dying Scene editor Bizarro Dustin)

Ever wonder what the folks who run Dying Scene have been listening to lately?  We’re going to pretend you said “yes” to that question and feature a curated playlist from a different DS editor each week with the intent of exposing you to some new kickass punk bands.  This week we’re featuring Dying Scene editor, reviewer, and occasional columnist, Bizarro Dustin.

Discover some new tunes and feel weird feelings about getting old below.

Happy Fangs – “Raw Nights”

“Excuse me, sir. Do you have a minute to talk about rock and roll?” asks Happy Fangs front-woman Rebecca Bortman halfway through “Raw Nights.” It’s not a question that’s phrased particularly menacingly, but there’s something about its almost child-like innocence that’s almost unnerving to hear. It’s also easily my favorite part of the song.

Manic Pixi – “Suddenly Stuck”

I saw Manic Pixi play a show about two and a half weeks ago (as of this playlist’s publish date) and since then I’ve listened to their debut album, Sugar Bomb!, at least once a day, if not more. Usually it’s more.

Jeff Rosenstock – “Nausea”

As a kid from Brooklyn who is into punk rock, it’s basically a requirement for me to like anything Jeff Rosenstock puts out. We Cool? just might be my favorite thing he’s done yet. Yeah, I think it’s better than Vacation, and it even beats the nostalgia that I have for Album Minus Band.

Timeshares – “(Corner of) Park and Park”

“You can tell me I’m going nowhere, but nowhere’s not a place you go. It’s a place you stay, trust me I know.”

Yo, this album rocks. Just look at that lyric I quoted. That’s some real heavy shit. Timeshares know what’s up. If you’re into gruff melodies with an alt-country flair (think maybe Red City Radio meets Lucero?) (Actually, just think The Replacements’ Tim), make some time to check it out when it drops next week.

Bad Cop / Bad Cop – “Rodeo”

I just started listening to Bad Cop / Bad Cop and I’m pretty dumb for waiting so long, especially when my friends would always talk about how good they are. Don’t be dumb like me, listen to this band asap.

The Weaks – “Black Box”

The Weaks just put out their debut album, Bad Year, and it’s something that any self-described 90’s kid has to listen to. It’s pretty much the result of tossing Nevermind, Weezer (Blue), Surfer Rosa, and maybe one other album by a band from that era that’s more obscure (and my older cousin probably loved) into a blender. It’s every bit as good as it sounds.

Hop Along – “Powerful Man”

A disproportionate number of my friends absolutely adore Hop Along’s 2011 album, Get Disowned, and I have to say that I don’t get it at all. I’ve tried several times, but nothing really ever seems to click. But holy crap, this song is a goddamn jam. I don’t know if Get Disowned will ever resonate with me, but I’m all aboard the hype train for Painted Shut based on this song alone.

Chris Farren – “Where U Are”

I have never met Chris Farren in person, but he seems like the kind of punk celebrity that you could call a dear friend and sincerely mean it. I base this idea on how amiable he comes off in his songs, and because he’s generally pretty good at responding to my Facebook comments, as well as favoriting/retweeting/replying to Tweets.

Break Anchor – “Acronyms”

I missed the boat when it came to The Suicide Machines when I was younger, so I didn’t think I would have much interest in Break Anchor until I saw their album cover and title that I decided I had to check them out. Despite the Chris Farley referencing title, Van Down By the River is no joke: Break Anchor seriously rips. This track sounds like Ian Mackaye collaborated with Hot Water Music circa 2002.

War on Women – “Say It”

I don’t think there are many hardcore bands these days that make me uncomfortable in profound kind of way. War on Women is one such band. I don’t think I’m in much of a position to really speak for the band, however. All I can do is strongly suggest that you listen to what they have to say.

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