10 Songs That Made Me Fall In Love With Punk – Sic Waiting

We recently caught up with Southern California punk outfit Sic Waiting, to get their take on the songs that got them in to punk rock.  Check out their list here.

 10. (Jared) Descendents- “Everything Sucks”

This song and record pushed me full force into punk. I had a small taste of punk from seeing MXPX at a church and Mike talked with me about Descendents and Rancid before the show. I was an impressionable suburban kid, and church was the only place I was allowed to go see a “punk” show, so I went straight home to check it out and it literally changed my life. Before this I had 4 cd’s: Boyz II Men Cooley High Harmony, All-4-One All-4-One, The Eagles Hell Freezes Over and the fucking Aladdin soundtrack. I still have the Eagles cd.

9. (Dylan) Operation Ivy- “Missionary”

I instantly was drawn to this song. To the gritty guitar, wandering bass lines, speedy drums, and awesome lyrics with supreme energy. Absolutely badass! It changed my life.

8. (G) Pennywise- “Living for Today”

It was probably the first punk rock cassette I owned. Yes I said ‘cassette.’ I guess it was just a fitting song as we drank in parking lots not really knowing what the real world was like. We were young and doing as the song said: Living for today.

7. (Jared) Bad Religion- “Do What You Want”

I first heard this song on the first Punk-O-Rama comp Epitaph put out before I had Suffer. I loved that comp but listening to this song on repeat ultimately scratched the damn cd. “A misanthropic anthropoid with nothing to…” Uh, what? This band plays some straight ahead punk with lyrics that have more tricks than a hooker out of speed. They made me want to make sure that no lyrics I ever wrote had no substance.

6. (Dylan) Dead Kennedy’s- “A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch”

The first time I heard the twang of east bay ray’s guitars and the spooky kooky voice of Jello Biafra, this song was an instant favorite of mine.

5. (G) Bad Religion- “Along the Way”

I used to cover this song in my first band. I guess it’s more of a sentimental thing but none the less a song that always grabbed me. I spent many days listening to 80-85 and this song always stuck out to me.

4. (Jared) Strung Out- “Wrong Side of the Tracks”

This song still makes me want to punch a hole in the wall every time I hear it. When the lyrics begin with “Tell me what you want from me!” as a pissed off high school kid, I felt like they were written specifically for me to scream at my parents, teachers and asshole friends. Also, I think this is a band whose songs have gotten better and better with every release and as a musician I have grown to really appreciate that.

3. (Dylan) The Misfits- “Astro Zombies”

I’d always loved cheesy horror flicks so when I heard “Astro Zombies” from the Misfits I had to hear everything of theirs. They didn’t leave my Walkman for months at a time.

2. (G) Minor Threat- “I Don’t Wanna Hear It”

I picked this song, but I love pretty much all the songs on the 1st 7”. The raw emotion and aggression that flowed through me while hearing the entire album still remains, even when I listen to it today. The front cover is also something that always sticks in my mind, with Ian sitting on the steps with his head in his lap. It’s a classic.

1. (Jared) The Replacements- “Androgynous”

This isn’t a “punk” song, which is what I thought was so rad. My punk education started in the 90’s and went in reverse. So when I heard Let it Be I didn’t really know about the Replacements, but I heard they were a “punk” band. But here was this song with this amazing emotional overtone and beautiful arrangement. I was confused, but it taught me that punk doesn’t necessarily always “sound” one way or another. Punk bands can be whatever the fuck they want to be, it’s the ethos that is the common thread.

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