5 Philly Punk Bands You Need To Hear

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It’s no surprise that Philadelphia is churning out some impressive punk bands. The city is home to popular alt-fests like This Is Hardcore and Philly Punx Picnic, both of which continue to grow and thrive every year. Not to mention, the city of brotherly love has its roots firmly planted in radical history, from the Revolutionary War to the tragic Operation: M.O.V.E. bombing in 1985.

Reminders of the city’s history can be found everywhere in its monuments and street names, but the subversive attitude in its citizens is still very much alive in the many punk bands who call Philly home.

It is because of all of this that I bring to you the five Philly bands you need to hear right now. Let freedom rock. Check out the full story below.



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Your mom will hate The Dolts. They mix punk and garage rock with blood curdling vocals to provide the perfect shambolic, heavy sound that’s completely unique to them. They formed in 2012 and have since released their cult classic EP, Blood, Guts, and Pizza along with a handful of splits and demos, which are all worth listening to. This is a band that will change the way you listen to music. They’re gritty and hard around the edges. They’re your new favorite band. You’re welcome.

Key Track:
“Pizza Stain Brain”



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This four-piece released their debut self-titled EP in April and the band’s music video for their first single “Nothing” has gained over 3,000 views on Youtube. The dual vocals between front-woman Jade Baisa and singer-bassist Johnny Mick make for a track that will definitely get stuck in your head (in a good way). While their roots are locked solidly in punk, the band has pop undertones that can be heard in catchy hooks and storming gang vocals that beg you to sing along.

Key Track:



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According to iTunes, I’ve listened to “Mohican” by Anti Suburbians a total of 137 times and it’s #6 in my Top 25 Most Played songs, which is alarming because they only released their debut EP One Way Generation last August, just 2 months after forming in a Philadelphia suburb. If The Casualties and The Ramones had a bastard child and left it to fend for itself in the gutters of Philly, it would be Anti Suburbians. These dudes have played some of the most vigorous sets I’ve had the fortune of seeing, often complete with frontman Nick Robert punching himself in the head and charging full-speed directly into the audience. I watched the lead guitarist, Lou Mongelluzzo, play so viciously at a gig in Trenton that he cut his hand open and bled everywhere, not once stopping the set. It was the coolest thing ever.

Key Track:



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If you need a healthy dose of ska with your punk, Community Service is the new indie band of your dreams. They’ll make you want to dance even when you know you can’t. In a live setting, frontman Curtis Cooper can be seen hanging from the rafters when they’re within reach and mounting the kit of drummer Miles Ziskind, who seems unphased and unafraid that it could collapse at any time. Their songs are frenzied, often diverting between punk, ska, and hardcore in the span of a quick two minute song. Community Service is such a versatile band that it’s easy to find a song you’ll fall in love with.

Key Track:
“You’re All Ugly”



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Severed has aligned themselves with all that’s evil in the world, taking inspiration from black metal, crust punk, and sludge. Their lyrics are laced with images of death and demons, tombs and torment. Frontwoman Bri Elzebub takes on her roll with theatrics and pure showmanship in a ghastly way, transforming herself into a ringleader for the underworld when she takes the stage and instilling fear into the audience. Instrumentally, Severed sounds like the bowels of hell – just the way you like it.

Key Track:

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