7-inch Review: Calculator – “CALC”

Recently added to Count Your Lucky Star‘s stable of acts, Calculator released a 7″ back in December. With the reissue of This Will Come to Pass with their new record company, Calculator is set to go out with a bang.

CALC is melodic with just enough anger to keep you interested. It’s only two songs, but these are two of the final songs by Calculator, a band who has produced constantly for the past seven years to make the bay area of California proud. Post-hardcore deliciousness, “North By Northwest” sounds like Fugazi and Texas is the Reason had a baby. The drums bury the rhythm in your head. The guitars are distorted in the best possible way and “Graduation Day” is an apt end for Calculator. Definite and tough in the end. I’m going to miss these guys I just found out about. Savor the last moments on these cold winter days.

4 / 5

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