7 Things To Do At Punk Rock Bowling That Don’t Involve Moshing

Punk Rock Bowling is right around the corner, and it’s not just shows stacked on top of more shows. It’s a whole three day weekend of punk related events. If you’re going to Vegas this year but fear a severe case of pit fatigue between the main stage lineups and late night club shows, give your eardrums a break and check out our list of “7 Things To Do At Punk Rock Bowling That Don’t Involve Moshing” below


1. See a Comedy Show

Punk rock? Comedy? Yeah. Punk Rock Bowling has that. Check out some free stand-up at the Golden Nugget. The above flier promises two solid hours and a price tag that’s pretty hard to beat– free. Joe Sib, SideOneDummy owner and stand-up comedian (seriously? How did I not know that?) is headlining  and the night is hosted by Hard Times writers Goodrich Gevaart and John Michael Bond. It’s going down on the 26th, ending just in time to grab a beer and head to a club show.


2. Get a Tattoo from a Bouncing Soul

Maybe you want to really remember PRB this year. If that’s the case, you’re in luck! Turns out Bouncing Souls’ bassist Bryan Kienlen is also a professional tattoo artist. On May 28, 29, and 30 he’ll be setting up shop at Downtown Tattoo on Fremont. He’s only doing walk-ups though, so don’t bother with any appointments. You’ll be able to choose from select flash and make sure that PRB is the weekend you’ll never live down.


3. Watch some Movies

There are two different music docs showing in Vegas this memorial day weekend. On May 27th, you can check out a free showing of Jim Jarmusch’s rock doc Gimme Danger. What better way to brush up on your Iggy Pop than a movie with some serious pedigree? It’ll be showing at the Inspire at 1pm.

If you’re still feeling cinematic the next day, you can check out the free showing of The New York Hardcore Chronicles directed by Drew Stone, featuring interviews with the likes of legends like Vinnie Stigma, Walter Schreifels, Mike Judge, and more. It’s playing at 1pm at the Inspire Theater, Bar, and Lounge.


4. Poker Tournament

I’m not going to do this because I’m a chicken when it comes to gambling, alright? It’s not the money, it’s the procedure. I don’t want to be the new guy who keeps asking if a straight is better than a flush while the veterans adjust their indoor sunglasses and start plotting how they’re going to spend my money after the tournament. But hey, for those card sharks who aren’t just knowledgeable, but also competitive, this could be your thing. It’s Texas Hold ‘Em at the Golden Nugget on the 26th. This one sells out though, so make sure you get signed up. 10-12 tables, cocktail waitresses– this is as Vegas as it gets.


5. Shop the Merchants

When you walk onto the festival grounds, you can find a veritable carnival of punk rock shops. Yeah, you can shake your head in disgust and say something about capitalism and the culture becoming a commodity, but think of all the folks who traveled– the folks who don’t have bands tour their small towns; who save up for the opportunity to go to Sin City and see all the bands in one weekend that they’d kill to see in five years. This is for them. Shop the awesome merchants, gather patches for next year’s vest, and support the vendors and sponsors who keep PRB running. 


6. Watch the People

Anyone who has ever been to Punk Rock Bowling can attest to one thing– there are a lot of punks. If you’ve been to a punk show, you might say to yourself, “Gee, there’s a lot of punks here.” But, PRB is a whole other animal. When you arrive on Fremont St., it’s like being an extra in Mad Max. The town is taken over by punk rockers. You can’t throw a pyramid stud without hitting some denim. Mohawk spikes are silhouetted against the desert sky; piercings, tattoos, and sneers are as omnipresent as the sun. Take a seat, have a beer, and enjoy the view.



Speaking of beer, did we mention that Vegas is some sort of alcoholic fairy tale land? The party doesn’t stop in Vegas. It shouldn’t either, because you’ve got to have something to take your mind off the fact that people shouldn’t live in the desert. That shit is made for lizards, not people. You can drink just about anywhere, you can smoke just about anywhere. Last calls are something to be left back in your hometown, in Vegas, you can buy a tallboy and drink it on the sidewalk. So, if you want a boozey vacation, there you have it.


To all peeps going out to Vegas this year, stay safe and have fun. See ya in the pit – or outside it! 

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