A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (2/2/14)

As shameful as it is, some of you readers don’t actually check Dying Scene every hour of every day.  For you slackers we’ve put together a list of last week’s biggest stories to help you stay in the loop and maintain your punk cred. You’re welcome.

1. Dave Klein officially announced his departure from the shit show that Black Flag has become.

2. Speaking of Black Flag! Super gnar skateboarder Mike Vallely has taken over for former lead singer Ron Reyes.

3. Fat Mike let Reddit know that the theme for next Me First and the Gimme Gimmes album is…DIVAS. If there is no cover of Cher’s “Believe,” you can count me out.

4. Are you a group of high schoolers that can only play “Linoleum” so far? Well, Fat Wreck Chords is looking for covers for their next compilation!

5. Brendan Kelly explained why he hates “Shiny Happy People” by R.E.M. You don’t need a reason, man. That band is fucking terrible.

6. A guy died after stage diving at a Suicidal Tendencies concert. I know I talk a lot of shit, but I am dead serious when I say you dipshits need to be really careful. Especially when you are JUMPING INTO A CROWD OF PEOPLE.

7. Some guys from The Wonder Years, Yellowcard and Bayside got together to talk about Green Day’s Dookie. Which would be really cool if Green Day was still relevant.

8. Bad Religion will play shows in Texas, Australia, Germany and the UK this summer. Oh, what joy!

9. Go home, Warped Tour. You’re drunk.

10. Booze and Glory dished on some hot topics. They seem like some legit dudes.

Those were just some of the most read stories from last week, but there were plenty more little gems covered.  Let us know what what you loved, what you hated and what your personal favorite story was in the comments. If you just can’t get enough of us, follow Dying Scene on Twitter, kick it with us on Facebook and join the Dying Scene mailing list.


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