A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (2/23/14)



Before we get started I’ll tell you that I’m listening to a melodic punk band from Belgium called Flatcat.  Until 10 minutes ago I wasn’t aware of their existence but I was sucked in by their song “Newborn Sun” and 3 songs later I’m still pretty impressed.  But I digress.  What I really want to talk about is this new punk band fronted by Thomas Barnett of Strike Anywhere and supported by members of Comeback Kid and Rise Against.  This hardcore-punk dream team is called Great Collapse and my enthusiasm for hearing Thomas behind the mic again was tempered only slightly by my concern for what this means for the future of Strike Anywhere.  Don’t worry, I’ve already shot a review request over to the band so we can get to the bottom of things ASAP.  Stay tuned, and in the meantime, give Great Collapse’s first streaming song a listen here (my 2 cents:  It’s good but maybe a little too long, and doesn’t really sound much different than Strike Anywhere – was sorta expecting something maybe a little more hardcore focused). – Johnny X


Here’s what you missed, what you ignored and what you’re sick of reading about. 

1. The memory of Tony Sly will live on forever because Kevin J Wells is writing a book about the departed singer.

2. Strike Anywhere’s Thomas Barnett has formed a super group with members of Comeback Kid and Rise Against. But do they have capes?

3. I hope you’re ready to visit wonderful, exotic SLOVENIA. Because their Punk Rock Holiday lineup for this year is bitchin’.

4. There is a recital in the works that’s going to be a tribute to Southern California’s punk bands which actually looks super cool. See you nerds there.

5. Two former members of Pussy Riot were detained in Russia because something was apparently stolen from somewhere in their hotel. Putin, you are such a douche.

6. Emmure is getting hella sued by their former guitar player over some song called, “Bring A Gun To School.” In other news, I am suing all of them over such a stupid song title.

7. Warped Tour continues the promise of being a total suck fest. Guys, it’s not even fun after you turn, like, 19. It’s just sunburns and sweaty little weirdos with bad haircuts. We were the sweaty little weirdos once. Now we’re the jerks who stand at the back of the venue.

8. Joey Cape has given Lagwagon’s new album an expected release date of October, 2014. Which is totally around the corner.

9. Travis Barker’s eloquent and articulate (HAH!) is due out June 24. That’s rude of me. I bet he’s a smart guy. I really shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. (HAAAH!)

10. This year’s Musink Festival announced its lineup will include Descendents, Transplants and Gorillar Biscuits. All I care about is Descendents and that the festival is a ten minute walk from my house. Bring on the overpriced beer.


The Hex Bombs – Everything Earned

The Hex Bombs’ new album is scheduled to drop on April 15, but we’ve got it here first. They’ve got a Dropkick Murphys vibe and make you want to slam into each other at full speed. Everything Earned is up for pre-order now and you can check out the band on tour next month.

Guerrilla Monsoon – Guerrilla Monsoon EP

The UK act is streaming their five-song EP before it hits your mailbox on March 10. For fans of Title Fight, Joyce Manor, etc.

The Shell Corporation – “Trust Us”

“Trust Us” is off the band’s upcoming album, Mandrake, due out on vinyl April 1. Mandrake will serve as a follow-up to Time & Pressure, which was released back in 2012. The Shell Corporation will be on tour next month.


Life In Vacuum – 5

“This record hits and hits very hard so grasp its essence because there’s something unique and crafty here that plays off every fiber of you.”

The Hotelier – Home Like Noplace Is There

“What’s more fitting is that The Hotel Year, in their new name, seem more mature and wise. The music is on a sage-like level and it’s as potent as they could have dreamed of, I’m sure. There’s too much diversity here to miss. Grab it.

Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All

“You’re Gonna Miss It All is a great album that bleeds relatability through detail and personality. Modern Baseball mine the minutiae of millennial life for their music, and in doing so they bring to light a lot of things we’d never consider, but remain enveloped in.”

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