A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (3/2/14)


Man, a lot of cool shit happening in punk right now.  Plenty big stories to dissect but I’m not gonna talk about any of them cuz I’m still reeling from how f’ing awesome the Dave Hause show in Echo Park was last night!  I seriously dig both of his albums but they just don’t do his live show justice.  Got goosebumps multiple times, no joke.  Anyway, “One Last Struggle” by The Class War Kids came up on my iPod today and I forgot how much loved that tune.  Wanted to share that with you guys today.  You should listen to it here.  Oh, and the newer song “A Ride With The Devil” by Five O’Clock Devil (a band actually still together) was really firing me up today too. Shot some interview questions over to Thomas Barnett about his new project The Great Collapse so hopefully we’ll have that interview up for you this week.  I’m mostly excited to see what he has to say about the future of Strike Anywhere.  Now go read some of the stories you missed below… – Johnny X


Here’s what you missed, what you ignored and what you’re sick of reading about. 

1. Me First And the Gimme Gimmies covered “Straight Up” by American treasure, Paula Abdul. What’s that song where she dances with a cartoon cat? Bring back MC Skat Cat.

2. This just in: Social Distortion will never break up. So even your children will have those horrible skull drinking a martini tattoos.

3. Green Day are putting out an album of demo songs. It’s called Demolicious.

4. Wattie Buchan from The Exploited had a fucking HEART ATTACK ON STAGE. I don’t care how punk you are, you guys need to remember to take your baby aspirin every day.

5. Off With Their Heads, All and Reno Divorce have announce Punk Rock Bowling club shows. Some of the DS crew will be there, so come buy your favorite editor (me) a beer.

6. The Misfits are working on a new album. Those guys are like 90. I hope they’re taking their baby aspirin too.

7. Rancid are filming a music video for an untitled song off their new album. Does this mean Tim Timebomb is on hiatus? BUMMER.

8. In even more Rancid news, Tom May from The Menzingers covered Rancid’s “Corazon de Oro.” Which is Spanish for “Heart of Gold.” Knowledge!

9. Jason Cruz from Strung Out is painting works of art that resemble songs off of the band’s new album. Something about a punk rock Picasso. I don’t have the energy for this joke.

10. As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis pleaded guilty to hiring a hit man to kill his estranged wife. And steal the Declaration of Independence. Wait. What.



Et Tu Brute – “Abacus”

This Chicago -based band is set to release their EP, Risk, on April 15. Risk will serve as a follow-up to Et Tu Brute’s last EP “Not In Our Stars,” which was released in early 2013 and is available for free download on Bandcamp. For fans of early Alkaline Trio and The Wonder Years.
August Premier – “Exit Strategy”

Another group from Chicago, August Premier, are streaming a track from their Rebel Without Applause EP. For fans of Thrice and Rise Against.


Kevin Seconds – Off Stockton

“The album tells the man’s personal story beautifully, and you can’t help but relate. Kevin still keeps the 7 Seconds vibe alive with ‘Broken And The Bend’ with lyrics like ‘We’re fighting people with our voices and our fists, but none of expect much victory tonight.’

Because Kevin is careful to keep the vibe consistent, I am confident that any fan will be happy to have a copy of this LP in their collection.”

Comeback Kid – Die Knowing

“For a band that originally started as a side project for a couple members of hardcore act Figure Four, Comeback Kid have eclipsed that band and then some. Not just in their following and the respect of their peers, but by producing a body of music which is, at this point at least, one of the best among currently active hardcore bands. I know there are those who would disagree, but for my money, every new Comeback Kid album has been better than the last. And ‘Die Knowing’ is their best group of songs yet. Their total asphyxiation, if you will.”

Creative Adult – Psychic Mess

“A band that tries something different without really trying that hard. You can’t ask for more and definitely, the horizon looks bright for Creative Adult.”

The Shell Corporation – Mandrake

“If you knew the old sound of the band, and then listened to this, you’d be able to spot how much they improved and how much new intricacies are slipped in.”

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