A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (3/30/14)


So I went to India for 2 weeks, hence the absence of this humble chief editor’s pointless ramblings as of late, but things seem to have gone smoothly whilst I was away and I’m happy to diving back into the mix.  Was very pleased to see that My Life In Black In White have returned from their hiatus AND that The Rebel Spell are planning a new album.  Both those bands are largely unappreciated in this beloved scene of ours but both were influential in my decision to start Dying Scene in the first place – I wanted to give bands like theirs a little more exposure.  Also very excited to see that “A Fat Wreck”, the Fat Wreck Chords documentary in the works, has far surpassed its goal on Indiegogo with still a month to go!  Looking forward to that film.  Their gonna have a pretty rad soundtrack too – a couple DS Records bands are even going to be featured on it covering some Fat Wreck credits.  Namaste.  Johnny X


Here’s what you missed, what you ignored and what you’re sick of reading about. 

1. Dave Brockie of GWAR passed away. He’s throwing angels into the meat grinder now.

2. We premiered Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One’s new video.

3. Travis Barker is keeping busy while Blink 182 “gets their shit together.” Great, now he has more time to work on that Pulitzer Prize-winning books he promised us.

4. Fat Wreck Chords started an Indiegogo campaign for a new documentary. That shit’s already fully funded, so the rest of your donations will go toward getting Fat Mike a decent haircut.

5. There is a rad new documentary out called, “Trying It At Home.” It’s got interviews with Frank Turner and Jeff Rosenstock and you can download for one of those name-your-price deals. Don’t be a douche and download it for free, throw some money their way.

6. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are streaming a cover of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.”


8. We sent our trusty photographer to snap Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and Bad Cop/Bad Cop in Hollywood.

9. Your DS staff writers talked about their favorite bad albums. Mine is Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, AKA the soundtrack to my freshman year of high school.

10. If you are like me and totally forgot the Descendents were playing Musink, you can watch a video of their full set.



DeeCRACKS – Beyond Medication

This is some sweet-ass Australian punk, perfect for skateboarding. Jam out to it in the car on your way home from work and it’ll melt your cares away.

For fans of Groovie Ghoulies, Plow United and Off With Their Heads.

Jason Guy Smiley – The Blue Eagle

Twelve years of being in a band called “Midget Fan Club” can really take a toll on a guy. Smiley serves up folky, blue collar, PBR-chugging goodness on his solo debut.

For fans of The Gaslight Anthem, Hot Water Music and The Lawrence Arms.

Poke Da Squid – I Honestly Had Higher Expectations

Ska-ish Washingtonians, Poke Da Squid are bringing out some serious gang vocals and circle pit anthems.

For fans of NOFX, Streetlight Manifesto and Codename: Rocky.


Butcher Knives – Misery

“Each song on the album has perfectly selected samples from Tal Galfsky and each track gives you a sense of punk, middle eastern sound, Spanish elements and an urban landscape. I would totally recommend adding this album to your collection especially because you will be hard-pressed to find a similar style group of musicians. Not bad for a debut.”

Reverend Horton Heat – Rev

“It all about where the music takes you and when you listen to this album you may find yourself driving a 1950’s hotrod, windows down and beautiful women everywhere. Give this album a listen and if you love it like I do.”

La Dispute – Rooms of the House

“It’s not even a concept record but more an anecdote. In fact, it’s an experience which is what they do so well. There’s the old-school nuance yet the steps forward the band wants to take. There are little sprinkles of wordspeak placed from time to time but overall, the direction they’re going in is profound as usual, but seems more certain a sound. It’s still part of The Wave but seems more self-assured.”

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