A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (4/6/2014)


Two things I’m pretty fired up about this week.  One, the free album download from The Friday Prophets is probably going to end up in my top 10 releases for the year.  The album kicks ass.  Fantastic 90s style pop-punk and I love it when there is good variation between tracks, making for plenty standouts.  Good mix of ska and even a little hip-hop/punk on a track or two.  Don’t take my word for it, just give it a listen.  Second, the track list for the upcoming A Fat Wreck documentary soundtrack.  A bunch of great non-Fat bands covering some classic Fat Wreck tunes.  I’ve heard a couple of the covers already and they all ruled.  Oh!  Jason Cruz of Strung Out emailed us just to say how much he appreciated Dying Scene and what we do.  That made my f’ing week.  Looking forward to his upcoming solo album.  And now back to your regular scheduled programming…


Here’s what you missed, what you ignored and what you’re sick of reading about. 

1. Jason Cruz of Strung Out’s side project Jason Cruz and Howl is putting out a new record.

2. Dave Gregg of DOA and Real McKenzies passed away. We’re sad to see you go, Dave.

3. AFI played an April Fool’s joke on everyone. But the real April Fool’s joke is that AFI is still together. Just kidding. Please don’t hate me.

4. Boston-based OC45 debuted a video for “Robbery” and announced a string of tour dates.

5. We did some internet sleuthing and discovered that Rancid will release Honor Is All We Know on June 10.

6. Europe, you better start poppin’ that champagne because Lagwagon is headed your way this summer.

7. The initial lineup announcement for The Fest is freaking ridiculous. Pack your bags! Buy your tickets! Get a Halloween costume!

8. The Offspring’s Dexter Holland talked to OC Weekly about the making of Smash, which came out TWENTY years ago. TWENTY!

9. Masked Intruder will release M.I. on May 27. Aw yeah.

10. A Wilhelm Scream announced more U.S. tour dates.


Shitty Weekend – Shit Week

Shit Week is pure, unbridled energy– it expands and combust, spilling out of the song structure like some kind of sonic napalm. Its a throwback that doesn’t need to be called a throwback to be appreciated, harnessing the spirit of fun and youth that punk rock has always had in its heart and unleashing it through the lens of a new generation with new aesthetic values.”

Get Involved! – Silk Cuts

“It’s akin to the earlier works of AFI but with a more precise sound cultivated by rampaging guitars. Get Involved! is definitely a loud breath of fresh air from guys we’ve known for years. Their reps still can’t diminish how potent Silk Cuts is and how much punch it packs, no matter what you think you know about them. It’s a lot to take in in a short space of time and proves very therapeutic if you wanna blow off steam.”

Bad Cop/Bad Cop – Boss Lady

“The old adage about time flying by when you’re having fun definitely relates when listening to the Boss Lady EP as it’s seemingly over just like that. Short enough to leave you craving more and long enough to leave the impression you may just have found a new favorite band.”

The Bare Minimum – Hit After Hit

“There’s been something of a melodic skate punk renaissance (for the lack of a better term) as of late, and The Bare Minimum easily has what it takes to be at its forefront. Hit After Hit is proof of that. Don’t sleep on these guys, that’s all I can say.”

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