A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (6/15/14)


So Wizo came out with a new album and streamed it in its entirety.  That was exciting.  A Dying Scene reader told me I should check out folk punk act Rusty Things via this song and holy shit, I’m glad they did.  Not new but awesome.  Was pretty jazzed over the discovery of ska-punk act Three Cents Short via their 2 song teaser EP and pop-punk fanatic in me is seriously enjoying the Phenomenauts new album, which they streamed in full this week.  The Creeps new album “Eulogies” might be my favorite stream of the week though.  Skate punk fans should really check out Junkyard Safari’s new album.  Fat Mike was bummed that we let the cat of the bag on the musical he and his fiancé are creating before Fat Wreck could put out a proper press release on it.  Speaking of Fat, Lagwagon has officially given their upcoming album a title, which means they have to really release it, right?

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Here’s what you missed, what you ignored and what you’re sick of reading about. 

1. We’re having a contest! Click here to enter to win a copy of Uke-Hunt’s debut album on vinyl along with the “Prettiest Star” 7-inch and a badass Uke-Hunt poster.

2. We got Ian Graham of Cheap Girls to talk to us on the latest installment of the Dying Scene Podcast.

3. You can’t mosh at Warped Tour anymore, so you should just stay home and complain about that too.

4. Rise Against are streaming a new song.

5. This week on Answer That And Stay Fashionable: We insult our entire readership by talking about the bands we think are overrated.

6. Fat Mike is writing a punk rock musical. I really hope he casts Liza Minelli as the lead.

7. Here’s ALL’s full set at Punk Rock Bowling 2014.

8. Body Count (Ice-T’s band) covered “Institutionalized” by Suicidal Tendencies. It is now the new theme song for Law & Order: SVU.

9. Here’s a random cover song by Jesse Stewart.

10. Here’s a tracklist for the American Idiot tribute album. Oh wait. I don’t care.


Bracket – “She’s My Eraser”

After 8 years of not releasing a full-length album, the Californian pop-punk veterans in Bracket are getting ready to put out a new album entitled Hold Your Applause, which is said to be their “most diverse (and all over the place)” record yet.

Dead Rejects – This Is Killing Me

New Jersey skacore act Dead Rejects are just a few weeks away from releasing their new album This Is Killing Me but you’re not gonna have to wait another second to hear it! We’re streaming the entire thing – beware: face melting may ensue.


Say Anything – Hebrews

“Bemis talks about past afflictions and finding stability in life. That in itself gives a lot of meat to Hebrews but it’s the musical variety that makes it even more compelling. It’s not typical of Say Anything but at the same time, it’s conventional in that it sticks to their brand of narrative. Themes of acceptance and life coming full-circle are the major drawing points here and Bemis really reams into the listener with his words. If you think they lost their edge, think again.”

Victims of Circumstance – No More Heroes

“Picking things up right where their last record Acupunkture left off, No More Heroes delivers even more of the catchy, fast-paced, horn-driven punk many have grown to expect from Victims Of Circumstance. And as always, there are a few bouncy ska songs thrown in for good measure.”

Annabel/Dowsing – Split

“As far as gripes go, there aren’t many to be had as the four songs on tap do tend to run together with a positive trait. Seamlessly so. These bands are not quite there yet, but there’s no doubt that big things loom. This split screams how much promise lingers.”

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