A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (6/22/14)


So my favorite ska-punk track of the week is “Chick’s A Trip” from the upcoming The Last Slice album while the best new skate punk song award goes to Curbside’s demo “I’ve Made Amends.” Fans of raspy and raw pop-punk absolutely MUST listen to Dead Bars’ new EP and speaking of skate punk, I couldn’t be more thrilled that Good Riddance is officially working on new material.  A couple good releases for traditional pop-punk fans this week from The Putz and Laura Palmer.

In non-newsy news, we’ve stared tinkering around with a new design for the site, one that’s a little upgraded from the version my amateur ass did 5 years ago.  Gonna try to reduce clutter, make stories easier to read and hopefully figure out a comment system that will encourage you guys to comment directly on the site as opposed to through FB.  More on that to come.  For now, here’s the rest of the shit you missed…


Here’s what you missed, what you ignored and what you’re sick of reading about. 

1. Here’s a video of Rat from Discharge punching a heckler right in the face. Violence solves all of our problems.

2. Blink 182 covered the Misfits’ classic horror punk love song, “Hybrid Moments.” Jesus, I would pay any amount of money to unhear that. Seriously. Take my ears. I don’t want them anymore.

3. Alkaline Trio are playing all 8 of their albums through 4 nights in 3 cities. Excuse me. I have some plane tickets to book.

4. Here’s a medley of NOFX songs done by P.O. Box.

5. The Gaslight Anthem are touring with Against Me!, twopointeight and Jimmy Eat World. I am screaming on the inside because Against Me! aren’t playing LA.

6. Some dickhead got up onstage during a Tigers Jaw show and tried to kiss members of Tigers Jaw and Pity Sex. Brianna Collins was (justifiably) pissed. How fucking hard is it for you to understand that just because people are famous doesn’t mean they want your sweaty little hands all over them? Learn some boundaries.

7. Tim McIlrath of Rise Against talked about some of his favorite inspirational protest songs.

8. Good Riddance are working on their first album in 8 years.

9. But Ten Foot Pole is stealing their thunder – they’re putting out their first album in TEN years.

10. Speaking of new music, here’s a video of Propagandhi playing a new jam.


Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine – “Gutterball”

Long Island ska-punk band Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine will be self-releasing their sophomore album, Reasons to Leave, on August 1, 2014. To tide you over until then, we’re excited to bring you a stream of the first single from the album, “Gutterball”!


Calculator – This Will Come To Pass

This Will Come To Pass reminds me that there’s still a snarl at the heart of punk rock. While surely abrasive, the music is packed with enough ideas that it doesn’t just pulverize the listener with a wall of sound. While there’s plenty of exploration to be found, Calculator could have gone even further and written a record that transcended good, and landed squarely on defining.”

Blacklist Royals – Die Young With Me

Die Young With Me has rightfully earned what will undoubtedly be a long-standing spot in my regular rotation. And yet, what it may have ultimately achieved the most is having more than sufficiently planted seeds that leave me eagerly awaiting what comes next from Blacklist Royals, both live and on record. One can only hope (and I think the band would agree) that it doesn’t take four years and another lineup turnover to get us there!”

Tigers Jaw – Charmer

“Overall, Charmer is a highly recommended listen because it’s a good gauge of how far they’ve come and how much they’ve matured. Tigers Jaw has evolved for the better and I think it’s down to the non-complexity of their sound which allows the canvas for this growth – lyrically and musically.”

Tiny Empires – Weird Headspace

“I love the way Tiny Empires makes me feel. I’m hanging on every word, thrilled by every crescendo like a seventeen year old hooked on Against Me! When I’m listening to it, work and responsibility are the furthest things from my mind and I’m the same kid that got chills from the chorus of “Walking Is Still Honest. The screams reverberate through my body, and while I don’t know every word, I feel like I need to, because anything that can make you feel that good deserves to be understood.”

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