A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (9/1/13)

As shameful as it is some of you readers don’t actually check Dying Scene every hour of every day.  For you slackers we’ve put together a list of last week’s biggest stories to help you stay in the loop and maintain your punk cred.  You’re welcome.

1. WE’RE HAVING A CONTEST! You, dear reader, could win an autographed copy of Rise Against’s fast approaching compilation, Long Forgotten Songs: B-Sides and Covers on CD and vinyl!

2. Direct Hit! released a single off of their upcoming album, Brainless God.

3. Screening dates have been announced for Filmage – the story of All and The Descendents. Stay tuned for more info.

4. LA Weekly posted their list of top 20 Hardcore albums. And all of you flew into a huge nerd rage.

5. Kye Smith from Local Resident Failure played a drum medley of a bunch of Epitaph songs and everyone thinks he’s really cool now.

6. Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! and Jason DeVore of Authority Zero are playing a free show in Tampa because they hate me and want to keep as far away from me as possible.

7. Straightaway are streaming their new albumLast Exit To Nowhere.

8. Shockingly, Bowling For Soup is still a band and they just put out a video for their song, “Awards Show Taylor Swift.”

9. Dave House has another new song out. Go listen to it, like, now.

10. Someone made an 8-bit version of “Good Things” from On The Impossible Past by The Menzingers. Take that, Bad Religion.

Those were just some of the most read stories from last week, but there were plenty more little gems covered.  Let us know what what you loved, what you hated and what your personal favorite story was in the comments. If you just can’t get enough of us, follow Dying Scene on Twitter, kick it with us on Facebook and join the Dying Scene mailing list


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