A Week In Punk: This Week’s Top Stories Recapped (5/12/13)

As shameful as it is some of you readers don’t actually check Dying Scene every hour of every day.  For you slackers we’ve put together a list of last week’s biggest stories to help you stay in the loop and maintain your punk cred.  You’re welcome.

1. Tim Lambesis, lead singer of As I Lay Dying, tried to hire someone to kill his wife. Which is really funny, because we should be the ones trying to murder him.

2. Here’s a list of stuff you didn’t know about Tim Armstrong. Still no word on how his voice got the way it is.

3. We were kid of right about Bad Religion. Greg Hetson is apparently dealing with some “personal issues.”

4. Remember that time we put out a Ska compilation? It’s still available for download!

5. Dave Grohl loves The Descendents. Join the club, Dave.

6. The upstanding citizens at the Westboro Baptist Church are planning on picketing Jeff Hanneman’s funeral. Good luck with that, guys.

7. For The Fallen Dreams put out their video for “Substance.” Check it out.

8. Frankie Palmeri, lead vocalist of Emmure, was electrocuted onstage, forcing them to cancel their show in Moscow. Russia, am I right?

9. Streetlight Manifesto is really sorry that you haven’t received your preorder yet.

10. Black Flag have another new song out. These guys are working really hard to bring you some new tunes.

Those were just some of the most read stories from last week, but there were plenty more little gems covered.  Let us know what what you loved, what you hated and what your personal favorite story was in the comments. If you just can’t get enough of us, follow Dying Scene on Twitter, kick it with us on Facebook and join the Dying Scene mailing list.


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