Adam Carson on the making of the new AFI record

AFI drummer Adam Carson recently talked to The Washington Times about touring, the making of their upcoming album Burials, the change in their sound and being a fan of The Giants. Asked how the writing process went for Burials, Adam replied:

“You know, it was slightly different this time. Jade [Puget] and Davey [Havok] would get together and sort of work on ideas. Because they live in L.A. and I live in San Francisco, I would get demos of the songs and from there kind of try to decide how I wanted to approach it. So, I spent a lot of time working on the songs by myself. Then when we got together as a group to further refine them, that process was a little more streamlined because everybody had spent time with the songs and an idea of what they were trying to accomplish.”

He also talked about the recording process of the record, “We worked with Gil Norton, who is a really amazing producer who is responsible for a lot of great records. He’s responsible for The Pixies records and I think he did the most recent Foo Fighters record. If you look at his credits, he’s been involved with a lot of great projects. He really helped us capture each song and make the song sound the way it needed to. There’s lots of different recording approaches that we took, especially with the drums. We used a lot of experiments with room compression and making certain elements of the drums really bombastic and other elements kind of dry and tight. It was a really cool process.

Burials will be released a month from today (October 22nd) via Republic Records. AFI released their last studio album, Crash Love, back in September 2009.

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