The Adolescents announce upcoming album, “The Fastest Kid Alive”

California punk supergroup The Adolescents have announced their latest album The Fastest Kid Alive will be released in July of this year. The album will have 15 songs on it, and the band is finalizing the artwork for the cover. The band also announced an upcoming tour to promote the album, some dates of which will be on this summer’s Warped Tour. This will be the band’s first full-length release since 2005’s OC Confidential.

Why did they decide to name it The Fastest Kid Alive? If you saw Superbad, there’s a scene where Evan is running from Officer Michaels – Michaels can’t catch him and, gasping for breath, exclaims, “He’s a freak! He’s the fastest kid alive!” – that’s where inspiration struck The Adolescents.

We previously announced this album as a rumor – Myth Confirmed!

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