Split Review: Adventures / Run, Forever

Adventures proves the perfect foil to Run, Forever. The former is screamo, energetic, straightforward, brash yet highly accessible. The latter is broody, an outlier and an accessible expansion into 90s emo/melodic/grunge. Both are counterpoints though to the superfluous influx of cutthroat bands that try but just end up falling short in the multitude of genre mash-ups. Both remain loud, airier, pleasant and in your face. Can’t go wrong with this.

Reba Meyers starts Adventures off on their five minute tirade. She prides herself on impressively raw, authentic and versatile vocals. Her voice isn’t as low in the mix and loses its more distant-sounding tone compared to past efforts. Stylistically, this works in an amped up and dramatic fashion. Huge, crunchy guitars and some impressive vocal harmonizing make “Call Me At Night” so potent and the production really highlights the percussion on this song, as well as the ensuing “Thin”. This treads more post-hardcore waters. Cathartic screams hover slightly under the surface while melancholy guitars roam around on top of tight, methodical drums.

In stark contrast, Run, Forever is steeped in a slower, softer affair laced with sadness. It’s a morose hue and solid in its own dark realm. The acclaim here is garnered on the solidarity and melodic-emo vibe of the 90s sound that sticks pins and needles into you. They’ve overcome so many struggles and it’s apparent on the emotional and openly honest “Headlights”. The wailing and dirty sound of “Lost The Feeling” echo how much they’ve branched off into territory a la Balance and Composure. Both songs circle around the same format, creating an unconventionally heavy finished product.

How good are these bands? Very. How under-the-radar? Very. They’re daring and such bold fucking music needs you to stand up and take note. I won’t be surprised to hear this EP making the rounds on lists when 2014 ends but one thing’s for sure. A full-length from both bands would surely be geared towards leaving indelible marks.

4/5 Stars

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