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I have to say that the first time I listened to After The Fall‘s “Eradication” I was torn between, “these guys are awesome they sound like No Trigger,” and, “Hey, these guys are ripping off No Trigger.” It was hard to push that aside but once you do it’s an enjoyable listen. After The Fall pump out 14 punk/hardcore tracks with vocals that sound exactly like Tom Rheault from No Trigger at times but they offer a little more for your tasting. Throw in a little thrash, some more speed, a dash more hardcore and a high pitched almost Raised Fist style scream and you got yourself a decent hardcore/punk record.

They only have three members but sometimes it sounds like there is a lot more going on than what three dudes should be able to pull off. Not sure if they can pull this off live but it sounds good on the record. Another thing about the sound is that Jason Livermore mastered it but it’s a step below in the production’s sound compared to other releases that are a part of The Blasting Room’s resume. “Eradication” still sounds alright it’s just not as perfect sounding as Good Riddance’s “Bound By The Ties Of Blood and Affection” or A Wilhelm Scream’s “Career Suicide.” This could be due to the simple fact that it was only mastered by Livermore at The Blasting Room and not recorded there as well.

Like I said before these guys sound like No Trigger especially the voice similarities to Tom’s voice and sure enough he gets a guest appearance on “Throgs Neck.” I missed it the first time I listened to the song because it doesn’t really stand out as being someone different but it is one of the best tracks on the album. Also contributing some vocals are guys from Make Do and Mend, The Stereo State and Defeater. Their cover of I-Spy’s “You Don’t Talk Shit” is probably as close as you can get to sounding like the original so I would list them as a similar band.

If you can get over the fact that this sounds a lot like No Trigger this record is a good listen but as far as I’m concerned there can only be one No Trigger.

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  1. marchelo1988
    marchelo19888/28/2012 7:07 PM | Permalink

    I don’t really think this sounds like No Trigger. It’s waaaay more accelerated, more agressive even on the slower tracks and less… artificially produced, let’s say (check on the drums on Tycoon -yeah, I know Tycoon was released after this was written-). I would only consider about it if you take in consideration the track My Woods of off Canyoneer, but yet… I don’t buy it. And don’t get me wrong, I fucking love No Trigger. At first I didn’t like this album much, maybe I was a little bit overwhelmed with tracks like Ruins, but after a couple plays, it really fits in its place. It ended up surprising me, surpassing by far their Fort Orange previous effort and being a little classic to me.

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