Album Review: Adult Dude – “Adult Moods”

It’s too bad summer is almost over, because Adult Dude makes great summer rock.  Their debut full length effort Adult Moods is 29 minutes of straightforward, guitar-driven, indie/punk-tinged rock n’ roll.  It’s music to be enjoyed by bearded punks and surfers alike.

The first thing I notice when listening to the album is the warm fuzzy guitar throughout.  Tracks like ”80 MPH” uses this to great effect with a monster of a hook that will be stuck in your head for a long time to come.  Even as I continued to listen to the rest of the album, that riff was ringing in my head, and I had to go back and listen to the song one more time after each run through of the album.

That fuzzy guitar mixed with simple but lively bass and drums give songs like “New Son Gay” and “Hev Dog” a kind of 90’s Weezer feel to them, but with a modern gritty spin.  Other tracks like “Riff Dog” have more of an indie-punk slant, not unlike the music of groups like Lemuria.  However, the vocals differentiate Adult Dude from those comparisons.  They are somewhat nasally, but mix well with the songs and never come across as whiny or annoying.

“Marinara Veins” and “Bonhead” tend to slow the momentum of the album right in the middle and can feel a little stale, but the band picks the pace right back up with “Cupcake” and “Have Everything.”  They carry that through the rest of the album until the slow buildup on the last song, “Midnight Theme,” before letting loose halfway through for one last jam.

Adult Dude is a band I could easily see playing The Fest and then hitting up every rock n’ roll dive bar on their way back to Brooklyn, and Adult Moods is a fun listen.  This is the kind of music I wish caught on as mainstream rock.  If that was the case, I might actually check out what’s on the radio every now and then.

4/5 Stars.

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