Album Review: At The Heart of It – self titled

Take At The Drive-In and put them in Manchester, New Hampshire, with Defeater or La Dispute and you have At The Heart Of It and their self-titled release At The Heart of It.  A plucky group of New Englanders whose self-titled, self-published release is not just another screamo act influenced by the post-millenium hangover, no. At The Heart Of It is a band on a mission, donating a portion of the sales from the album to the Greater Boston PFLAG.

Community has always come first with the punk bands of Beantown and their surrounding northeastern cousins. You can hear it on “Create/Sustain”–my favorite track from the album, hands down. Call and responses situate you within the guttural remorse, the anger of a community that has failed for too long. “How can you truly feel alive/when your whole life has been defined by all the things you left behind?/ And I refuse to follow suit.” The frustration of purity. The desire to become something better than the last generation.

“This World Has Teeth” is a shift in speed-down shifting–to touch more melodic tones. “He spent his life/face to face/ with the things he’s lost and couldn’t replace.” I can see why proceeds are going towards PFLAG. I can see the mental warzone that At The Heart of It projects in this recording.  It is about replenishing your health for the future, and making sure the ones closest to you follow suit.

Regret can be a dangerous feeling. At The Heart Of It makes sure that you never take anyone in your network for granted. Never let them go down a dark path. Pick it up for the boys in the band. Pick it up for the boys and girls this band is screaming, yearning to save.

3.5/5 Stars

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