Album Review: Better Days – ‘Good Luck Tonight’

Better Days are a 4 piece hardcore punk band from St Louis, MO. The band pride themselves on their DIY aesthetic, and list hardcore bands such as Kid Dynamite, Kill Your Idols and 7 Seconds as their influences. Starting out in 2010, the band released a 4 track demo (“Songs About Drinking”) in January 2011, and this “Good Luck Tonight” EP in November 2012.

Opening the EP, “X SKULL GOBLET X” is the shortest of the four tracks, at only 1:45. It’s a bass heavy, fast but melodic track with the instrumentals giving off a positive vibe. Chris’ vocals are shouty, but coherent – something some hardcore bands seem to look past when attempting the attitude filled genre.

The second track, “Bennett”, has a slight 90s pop punk feel to it, with its distorted guitar and clear and heavy bass. It’s the bawling, masculine vocals that remind the ears that this is a band heavily inspired by the likes of Good Riddance and Gorilla Biscuits. The drums go all out on “Cool Out, Man”, and the gang vocals give it that high spirited gang mentality.

“Something to Show” closes the EP with its 2 and a half minutes of feel good hardcore punk. The lyrics are positive, and the breakdown, led by Kevin’s deep bass, is another element of hardcore the band do right – anger and pretense free.

If this band does one thing, its putting the punk back into hardcore punk. While the majority of bands nowadays are more focussed on the metalcore ‘genre’, or the other mash-ups, its bands like Better Days that are truly momentous in keeping the hardcore punk scene alive and sounding how it’s meant to.

4.5/5 Stars

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