Album Review: Bullet Treatment – “Ex-Breathers”

Orange County, California’s Bullet Treatment is one of one punk rock’s most unique bands. Featuring a revolving door membership, with the only constant member being mastermind Chuck Dietrich, Bullet Treatment hits the ground running on their 10th release, “Ex-Breathers”.

These guys have made a career out of wasting no time getting to the point, and this release is no different, With six songs clocking in at just under six minutes of angry, fast hardcore punk. Lyrically tackling topics such as broken loyalties, life in a police state and even abuses by the catholic church on the song “The Last Time I Prayed” (Which is easily in my top 25 favorite songs about molesting little boys, by the way). I get the same feeling listening to this that I did when I first listened to Thrash Zone by DRI or Suicidal Tendencies first album.

Musically, this collection is a far more appropriate heir to classic Black Flag than either band purporting to be Black Flag today. Fast, frantic and not a lot of time spent on fluff, the biggest difference between the hardcore punk of yesteryear and this is everyone knows their instruments really well here.

If 80’s hardcore punk, early 90’s hardcore and current production values were to have one night of disgustingly kinky hardcore sex, Bullet Treatment would be the product of the the unwanted pregnancy that resulted. To me, this is what punk rock is supposed to be: raw, angry and fast. “Ex-Breathers” is well worth a listen.

4/5 Stars

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