Album Review: Jon Snodgrass – “More Buddies, More Fun”

I’d never heard any of Jon Snodgrass‘s solo work before this release. I first heard of him when I read about a split record that he and Frank Turner did in 2010 titled “Buddies”.  I’ve never been able to find that release here in the states so I was pretty excited to be able to hear and review the “More Buddies, More Fun” release.

Usually when I receive an EP it only takes me a few days to turn in the review.  Most of the time they’re short, ten to fifteen minutes long, and I can listen to it several times in one sitting, get a good feel for the album, write up my opinion and turn it in. But it didn’t work out that way with this EP. My trouble with writing this up was that I’m still not sure how I feel about the album. I don’t hate it, but I don’t really like it very much either.

Since there are only four songs on here I guess I’ll tell you a little bit about each one.

The album kicks off with the song titled “More Buddies”. This is almost the exact song that appeared on the Jon Snodgrass and Frank Turner split that I mentioned earlier. The only major difference is that Ben Nichols from Lucero sings a verse on this version.  I’m a fan of Both Frank Turner and Lucero but I gotta tell you, this song annoys me. Lyrically, it’s pretty much just a list of folk punk singers names then a sentence telling you what they usually sing about. This is fine I guess, the thing that bothers me is the chorus. Hearing a bunch of grown men singing the word buddies over and over sounds cheesy and it ruins the song for me.

“More Fun” is the second song and this one I like, it’s easily my favorite on the release. This one is the most upbeat rock song on here and the only track that showcases an electric guitar, as opposed the acoustic that dominates the rest of the release. Lyrically, this one is about living your life the way you want and not being ashamed of it.

Up next is “Song For Gibson”. This is an odd song to me. At first it seems like Jon is singing to a child. The lyrics “Your mother, she ain’t bad, but your father, he’s pretty bad” makes me think that the kid might be living a hard life but then Jon sings something that sounds like “you won’t be traded for shoes” and he loses me.

The Last song is “They’re not friends”. This is the other song that I like, it’s a sad song about loss. After listening to the song several times I’ve come to the conclusion that it is actually a song about the loss of an automobile. Judging by the country western feel of the song, provided by the banjo, it’s most likely about a pick-up truck.

Another thing I’d like to point out about this release is that 3 of the songs on here have been previously released, although in slightly different versions. The last two “Song For Gibson” and “They’re not Friends” were on an album he released just a few months ago. “More Fun” is the only song that I couldn’t find another version of but it could be out there somewhere.

So to wrap this up, I didn’t like half of this release and of the songs that I thought were good, neither of them did I find to be very memorable. If you’re a fan of Jon Snodgrass, you might find this release worth your time and money but it’s not for me. I would give it 2 out of 5 stars and that sucks because I was really hoping that I’d enjoy listening to Jon Snodgrass.

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