Album Review: The Atom Age – “The Hottest Thing That’s Cool”

“The Hottest Thing That’s Cool” by The Atom Age fine-tunes the band’s efforts of punk-flavored garage rock that’s got balls.

When a band draws upon a plethora of diverse genre influences for the sake of having a unique sound, it’s all to often that each track sounds like it’s having an identity crisis. That’s where I notice a true talent this band has: the ability to take directions from garage punk/rock, surf rock, rockabilly, ska, and more, and cleverly stack them together, rather than throwing them in a pile and making a mess of everything.

I say taking directions from all those genres instead of taking directions from certain bands because after a few minutes of listening I realized that this band isn’t making an effort to emulate somebody else’s sound, a trend commonly seen by up and coming bands. I really think that (for good reason) this act is confident and comfortable in their own sound, and that’s one of the best elements to hear in an album.

But it’s not just the snob-typing-at-the-computer in me that this band appeals to. There’s a ton of angry anthem-type sing-alongs that I know listeners are going to get into when they see this band perform live. Fans of shout choruses welcome, most notably “Dead Wrong” and “Nothing Ever Changes.”

Notable favorite tracks: “Cut, Paste, Kill,” “I’ve Been Thinking,” “Nothing Ever Changes,” My Rating: 4/5 stars. What I’d like to hear on the next album: Full-fledged horn section!

“The Hottest Thing That’s Cool” dropped May 29th via Asian Man Records and you can stream the entire album here.

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  • Everything about this band screams i wanna be rocket from the crypt.

    assman Reply:

    At least they dont wanna be fuckin jawbreaker or some other boring shit. You mad brah?

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