Album Review: The Bloodtypes – “Johnny”

This past Halloween, The Bloodtypes released their newest EP, Johnny. Armed with their garage punk-meets-new wave sound, Johnny captures The Bloodtypes doing what they do best: dirty, synth-driven rock and roll with a humorous approach to horror themed lyrics. It’s been about a year and a half since the band dropped their debut album, Just Your Type, so this EP can be seen as a release to help tide fans over until the band puts out their sophomore LP. Yet Johnny is more than just a stopgap, and it doesn’t have to lean on the band’s past work to stand up on its own.

Things kick off with the title track, which tells a cautionary tale about a forbidden love. The red scare may not be the same threat that it was last century, but that doesn’t stop The Bloodtypes from taking cues from The Lillingtons or The Riverdales and using the b-horror movie trope as a jumping off point for a song about a treasonous love. The second tune, “Destroy the Heart”, also takes influence from the 50’s B-horror genre- zombies, to be specific. As a pseudo-breakup song (in a manner of speaking), there’s a bit of a 50’s rock and roll ballad feel to the music, and the lyrics are notable for never actually using the “zed-word”.

The b-side kicks off with “Alien Eyes”, which might be the least memorable song of the bunch. There’s a retro sci-fi feel to the track, not unlike something that The Epoxies or The Phenomenauts might have written at one point, but compared to the other three tracks “Alien Eyes” just seems to drag on as the refrain is repeated over and over. The fast paced “Don’t Wanna” closes out the EP, with a frantic tempo and rapid-fire vocal delivery in direct contrast to the previous song. The speediness of the song acts as a nice complement to the irritated nature of the lyrics.

Soundwise, if can imagine that The Expoxies’ Stop the Future had a child with The Briefs’ Steal Yer Heart, then you can probably imagine what Johnny sounds like. It seems as if The Bloodtypes are perfectly content with staying in their comfort zone. And for them, it works- especially in the form of a four-song EP. As the band’s second major release overall, Johnny packs a few punches and shows that they still have a trick or two up their sleeves. If The Bloodtypes keep it up, the future should be exciting.

3.5 / 5 Stars

RIYL: The Epoxies, The Briefs, The Lillingtons

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