Album Review: The Bombpops – “Stole The TV” EP

For those unfamiliar with The Bombpops, they are a high-energy, female fronted pop-punk act from San Diego, and “Stole The TV” is their sophomore EP released October 4th via Red Scare as a follow-up to their 2010 EP, “Like I Care.”

Simply put, “Stole The TV” is a fun, and basic pop-punk EP with snotty lyrics. It’s only 4 songs long, and that’s a good thing because any more and I suspect the songs might all start to sound too similar.

The EP starts off with an upbeat, melodic song entitled “(Back To) The Medicine Cabinet,” which is about hating your job and wanting to play in a punk band for a living. This song is put together very well with lots of melody, driving drum beats, a catchy guitar riff, and snotty vocals that seem to flow perfectly with the guitar. Along with that the recording quality is very impressive.

The next song is yet another upbeat and melody-filled song entitled “Paranoid,” and it’s about being an uptight, paranoid asshole. The band threw in some impressive lead guitar work and another driving drum beat, that is sadly very similar to that of the previous song. What makes up for that are the catchy and awesome instrumental breaks/bridges laced with guitar solos.

The third song on this EP is “Grocery Store,” and, in my opinion, it’s one of the best songs on “Stole The TV.” This song is about wanting more than you already have in life, and this time around the bass line just seems to stick out more for some reason. Along with that, the drums are perfect and the band uses all of their might to bring forth the melody in the backup vocals. This song makes the EP, in my opinion.

To finish off this four-song adventure, the band decides to slow things down a little bit with a song called “Crazy,” which is about talking shit about people behind their back. This is the slowest and shortest song on the entire EP, and that’s all there really is to say about it.

Over-all, this was a solid release and I thoroughly enjoyed 3 of the 4 songs.  I give “Stole The EP” a 3-star rating and look forward to hearing more from the band in the future.

If you like Bouncing Souls, Face To Face, or Blink 182 during the Dude Ranch era, you’ll enjoy this EP.

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