Album Review: The Dirty Panties – “I Am A Robot”

The Dirty Panties are a four piece, female punk band originally from NYC and currently based in Las Vegas. Musically, they have a sound that is similar to fellow New York punkers, The Lunachicks and vocalist Melanie Ash sounds a lot like Theo Kogan. And that is the main reason why I wanted to review this album. The Lunachicks are one of my all-time favorite punk bands. I’m usually not a fan of funny punk songs but the Lunachicks had a way of taking a humorous track and making it rise above the majority of joke infused punk rock.

Unfortunately, my instant association between The Dirty panties and The Lunachicks was one of the main reasons that I didn’t  love this album. When I heard the band’s sound (Lunachick-ish) and saw their name, The Dirty Panties I expected something different than what I got. To make it simple, when your band is named after an item that is found in a Japanese vending machine and you sound like the band that wrote such songs as ‘Buttplug’, ‘Cumming Into My Own’ and ‘Fingerful’ I was expecting something a little more… perverted. But after I got over the fact that The Dirty Panties are not exactly the second cumming of The Lunachicks and I listened to the album on its own merits, I found that there are a couple of great songs on “I Am A Robot”.

Actually, there are four great songs on here.

My favorite track is “Wet”. It’s an upbeat rocker about performing at a party. Great song, great lyrics, this is what I was hoping for with this album.

Another good one is “Confighted”, a song about your current significant other introducing you to his ex.

“Pretty In Pink” is also a good song, even though it’s really light on lyrics (the same couple of sentences are repeated over and over) it has a great melody.

The last song that I really enjoyed is the title track “I Am A Robot”. The song is mostly spoken in a robot-like voice but Melanie lets her vocals soar in the middle of the song. It’s a cool song that stands apart from anything else on the disc.

The rest of “I Am A Robot” is good but not great, except for one song. The Dirty Panties do a cover of “Money (That’s What I Want)”, a song made famous by The Beatles, and I HATE that song. I don’t care who is singing it, I just can’t stand that track so it’s inclusion on this disc was not a pleasant surprise for me.

Anyhow, I’d give this album 3 stars, there are four killer songs on here and the rest of the disc (besides that one song) is pretty damn good.

2.5/5 Stars

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