Album Review: The Grittys- “The Great American Moshing Pit”

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It’s a well-known fact that people get bored easily. This statement explains why trends in popular music fluctuate: people hear too much of the same, and they get bored and move on. The Grittys have figured out a way around this statement- not entirely punk rock, not entirely ska, but a sound that is entirely awesome.

While some ska bands can grate on your nerves after a few listens, The Grittys are somehow able to avoid falling in to this trap. Though they still feature upstroke riffs, a prominent guitar technique used in ska, they sound more like a loud punk band with horns than a full-on ska band. Loud, fast and boisterous, listening to “The Great American Moshing Pit” conjures that exact image- a packed-to-bursting-point mosh pit, filled with people dancing and having a good time.

While it’s certain that The Grittys won’t become everyone’s favorite new band, their infectious and catchy songs will definitely win over some new fans. Songs like “Everyone’s Too Drunk To Party” and “Mad Girl” will stay stuck in the listener’s heads for days, and display the band’s sense of humour as well as their musical prowess.

“The Great American Moshing Pit” also sounds a little bit like it was recorded in the band’s basement, but in a good way. Long-gone is the polished-to-perfection sound that has plagued the modern punk scene. Instead, the band exhibit a rougher, more DIY sound that punk rock built its foundation on.

One thing to keep in mind with The Grittys is that none of it is meant to be serious. There are no thought-provoking, deep lyrics, or even rage against society. Rather, you have a danceable, catchy, upbeat album that would be perfect for parties, but not for lyric dissecting. After all, The Grittys just want to party, and want everyone to have fun with them. And with an album like “The Great American Moshing Pit,” it’s hard not to want to dance along.

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  1. Connor Pixley5/27/2011 2:01 AM | Permalink

    Decent album, bad mix.

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