Album Review: The Mad Doctors / Sun Voyager – Split 7 “

Brooklyn based cassette tape magnate King Pizza Records are cruising into the summer with a luscious sampling of new music including the two year old label’s first vinyl ever, the Mad Doctors / Sun Voyager Split 7”.

It’s obviously not a long listen but there is a whole lot going on in the six minute and 34 second run time of Mad Doctor’s drummer, Greg Hanson’s, pet project’s first offering of tracks on wax. Each band selected one of their heavier tunes for their vinyl debut, and the two tracks fit together quite smoothly to make A coherent EP, exhibiting the intended direction of boutique label.

The record’s side one is The Mad Doctor’s side and their track “Rusty Knife,” dives right in with pounding drums and shrieking guitars, joined shortly by lead singer Dr. Seth Applebaum’ fuzzed out vocals, the track is a fuzzed out mix of punk and hard rock. The band has a tongue and cheek medical theme around their music and live shows, and during their live performances, the band makes a habit of dressing in lab coats, rubber gloves, and surgical masks. The medical theme also bleeds into the recorded tracks, a la lyrics about a surgeon cutting into patients with the titualr rusty knife.

Side two belongs to Sun Voyager, named after A Winnebago model. Their side of the record falls into the vein of psyche rock, with more droning and reverb laden vocals and heavier break downs than side one. Their sound is somewhat reminiscent Phoenix based psyche rock gods DESTRUCTION UNIT, minus two guitars and about three layers of distortion. Sun Voyager’s sound isn’t quite as punk as their label mate The Mad Doctors, they certainly match them blow for blow in heavyness.

The recordings were done with a little more attitude than expertise, but that’s exactly what King Pizza Records is going for. The Split 7” may not be the most technically proficient rock ‘n roll tracks ever recorded, but they are some of the fuzziest and funnest.

3.5/5 Stars

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