Album Review: The Splits – “II”

The Splits are a Finnish punk rock band. They keep things simple. They like The Spits. They also reportedly enjoy The Slits. As implied by the title of their new album, II is their second full length album. It’s also their second untitled album. Like I said, they keep things simple.

Much like their (alleged) namesakes, The Splits have a lo-fi, garagey quality to their music. Like all great garage rock, there’s a contrast between the soothing melodies and rough and raw vocals, working together instead of against each other. Sometimes II gets a little surfy, and sometimes it has a bit of new wave flavor, but it never strays so far that it reaches the point of no return. II is the kind of album that sounds equally good in a basement as it would while cruising to the beach.

Further evidence that The Splits keep things simple: II is short, breezing through 9 tracks in just about 25 minutes. That’s not to say that this is a band or album for simpletons, or that it’s any worse for it, but it does help to illustrate that The Splits are not a flashy band, nor are they much for gimmicks. They’re not looking to convince anyone to listen to them based on anything except for their music. Which is fine, because the music is pretty good.

3.5 / 5 – Listen to II below.

RIYL: The Spits, White Lung, The Marked Men

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