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I got into this band pretty late. “Shed”, their first major release, came out last year. I remember thinking, “These guys are sweet”, but didn’t really give it the attention that it deserved. Now, with the release of their second LP, Floral Green, Title Fight has become one of my favorite bands; proving yet again that simple and courageous song writing has the potential to result in an incredible album, regardless of its classification.

Before I start, I want to take the time to show these guys some respect. Title Fight started making music back 2005, and have had the same member throughout their entire career. These two factors, while seemingly quite basic, are actually very important. Modern punk/hardcore bands have a certain approach to music; it’s one of high intensity and quick burnouts; it’s also one of high member turnover rates and often an unbalanced contribution to the song writing process. Title Fight however has remained a compact unit throughout the many years that they have been under the radar, and it is this commitment as a group, and to the music that they write, that defines the sound of the band.

This album has two faces; one that appeals to the hardened bearded types that would enjoy Hot Water Music, Low Talker, and other bands where the front-man is definitely a dude yelling. But it also has a chilled out ambient vibe that is reminiscent 90’s progressive rock. What’s incredible about Title Fight is the way in which they can bounce from one style to the other, and make it seem as if it’s almost expected. Once you get familiar with the album you can hear the subtle changes in vibe consistently throughout each song, properly preparing the listener for what is next to come. This makes Floral Green a good album, and not just a collection of good songs.

Although “Floral Green” effectively blends genres, their ability to write pop-punk is amazing. The amount of hooks in this album is insane. Almost every verse, chorus, bridge, you name it, has a part that can get stuck in your head. Title Fight also do this in a very modest way; it’s not some angelic voice with a 5 part harmony underneath it, rather, it is one idea, sung through one or two voices. However, whenever they do choose to harmonize, it is done in such a tasteful manner; the chorus of the song “Like a Ritual” comes immediately to mind. Of course it’s possible for them to have heavily produced this album, but they didn’t; the approach they took adds honesty and integrity of this bands identity, which I would argue is more important than the significance of a single album.

Title Fight feels like a throw back, which is weird because they’re so fucking young. I feel like these guys maturely understood music at a very young age, and as they started creating music of their own, they gracefully incorporated the finer/cooler elements of pop-punk. Title Fight caters to an older audience of punk-rock fans, but only because this audience is old enough to feel comforted by nostalgia. Their music has this slowed down, almost lazy feel, where the songs don’t feel rushed or forced, but rather play out calmly and naturally; a quality that I feel is absent in a lot of modern music.

All I can say is pick up this album; these guys deserve it. Floral Green is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. With that said, go pick up Shed for good measure.  I haven’t been able to see Title Fight live yet, but if they come to your home town, go out and show them some love.

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