Album Review: Twitching Tongues – “In Love There Is No Law”


Described as ‘Massacrists of Melody’ on their Facebook page, LA’s ‘Twitching Tongues‘ definitely have melody and definitely massacre that melody with sludgy riffs, gravelly vocals and pounding drums. Their new album ‘In love there is no law’ is an eery stomp through 9 tracks, with a varied range of styles and influences coming through.

This band are clearly very keen on those stomping sludgy riffs as heard in tracks ‘Eyes Adjust’, ‘World War V’  and ‘Good Luck…’ which work very well with the gravelly vocals shouting over the top. The drums are tight and punchy as hell, with double kick making appearances throughout. As more of a punk rocker, I can only compare the guitar sound to the Roadrunner Era Misfits – very crunchy with a high gain whilst still remaining very heavy, particularly on tracks ‘Good Luck…’ and ‘World War V’

With all the heavy guitar and angry vocals, most of the songs do start to sound similar, so it’s very much a welcome change when they focus more on the (pre-massacred) melody with tracks ‘Preacher Man’ and ‘Frigid’

On first listen, this band could be wrongly described as a standard run of the mill heavy metal band, but throughout the album, Twitching Tongues prove they can up the tempo and head for a more hardcore sound something more than the ‘average’ band. Not my personal taste, but definitely worth a listen if your into heavier music.

3.5/5.0 Stars

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