Album Review: We’re Not Afraid – “Adventures In Poverty”

First off, I’d like to say We’re Not Afraid‘s Adventures In Poverty has the world’s best intro.

“Hey, jerk!” yells the speaker.

“Yeeeeeees?” comes the collective response.


BAM! The album starts with explosive technical guitar riffs that remind me of something from Strung Out or Rufio. That is a really good thing. That first song, “Back To Life”, grabbed me with an iron fist and did not let me go. I soared through the verses, I blazed through the choruses, and those melodies throughout—especially at the bridge? Wow. This brought me “Back To Life”.

And that was just the first song.

Adventures does not ever let you go. This is technical melodic hardcore at its finest!

For all you guitarists out there, you will love the complex leads littered throughout all the songs. “Casual Ties” and “Dead Fish” come to mind. Give those two songs a spin, and you’ll be hooked.

For all you bassists out there, pump up the bass! There’s some awesome tone in this. The opening bars of “Hope” reminded me of Joe Principe (Rise Against, 88 Fingers Louie), one of the best punk bassists ever.

For all you drummers out there, this is what is expected from a punk rock album. Fast, thrashy, driving, etc. But there is enough variation in there to not get bored. And the kit sounds fat, which is beautiful.

And for all you vocalists out there, I think I found the new voice to be emulating in the coming days. I haven’t heard such amazing vocals in years. Clear, yet edgy. Aggressive, yet emotive. And, as I said earlier, the melodies and harmonies are wonderful to hear.

From beginning to end, Adventures In Poverty is a fast ride. Fast, not just because of the speed of the songs (since there are a couple of mid-tempo songs), but because it feels like you start the album, and it’s done. Never a dull moment. And that’s when you press the “Repeat” button on your iTunes/iPod/Windows Media Player/Walkman (do people use those anymore?)/etc.

I went into listening to this album having no idea what to expect. Now, this is my favorite album of the year so far. Kudos, guys. Keep it up!

Recommended tracks:

ALL of them, duh!

Oh, I gotta choose two or three?

“Back To Life”, “Closed Eye Drive”, and “Dead Fish”

Okay, stop reading this review and pick up this album!

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