Album Review: Wild Moth – “Inhibitor”

Wild Moth’s sophomore album Inhibitor continues their brand of sludgy yet melodic post-punk, while upping the melody even more than previous releases and adding some shimmer.  This is music to listen to after winding down from a long night.  But where their debut album Over, Again fits perfectly after that night has been a hard one, Inhibitor is good for reflecting on a night that was a little better.  You’re not going to be dancing with ecstasy, but you can definitely relax and feel content.

Take opening track and lead single “Mirror.”  The song starts out with a somber guitar progression that is masked by a much brighter lead guitar.  It’s hard to tell whether to feel sad or happy during this song, and that is a theme that is pretty consistent throughout the rest of the album.  Some songs, like “You Found Out” emphasize the dark feel of their previous work, while others like “Hello, Star,” bring more of the brightness out.  And whether the band is going dark, light, or somewhere in between, the vocals always have a laid back and haunting feel to them.

The album has an overall sludgy feel, and every song seems to keep to a similar tempo.  Other than the wonderful “Gallery of Walls,” everything seems to be in the mid-tempo range.  That isn’t always a bad thing, but even after multiple listens, the songs all kind of blended together and not a whole lot really stood out to me.

This is an album I’m sure fans of the band will automatically love, even if things are a little different than their last time around.  But those new to the band may want to give their first album a spin before diving into this one.

3 / 5 Stars

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