Album Review: X Pistols – “Shoot To Kill”

The X Pistols are made up of members of The Kottonmouth Kings and old school punkers D.I. Now when I was approached to do the review for this album, a rap-punk hybrid release, I was a little bit excited. Not because I’m a fan of either of the bands that make up this group but because I was hoping for something like the Tim Armstrong, Travis Barker side project The Transplants. Unfortunately, I was presented with an album that sounded like a band who you might hear as an opener for The Insane Clown Posse and that, at least in my opinion is a horrible thing. This album, titled “Shoot to Kill,” is a bit of a joke to me. The lyrics and music are filled with clichés. You get the obvious “I Hate Pigs” songs, We’ll kick your ass songs, cheesy gunshot sound effects thrown into a bunch of the tracks and for some reason they feel the need to yell out the band’s name in most all of the songs.

That being said, the album is not 100% crap, (it’s actually around 93% crap) I did slightly enjoy a small number of songs.

“Let The Haters Hate” has a good intro that leads into a half way decent punkish song.

“Lights Out” has a cool Rancid like bass line intro and is possibly the best song on the disc. It doesn’t feel quite as corny as the rest of the songs. If it wasn’t for “X pistols” yelled out several times in the song (which is really annoying) I’d call this one a good song.

“Love and Tragedy” starts out as a punk track then switches the beat up completely as the rap comes in. It’s odd but it kinda works on this one.

“Suffocation” starts out with a blues sound before turning into more of a punk track. Again this one has a Matt Freeman bass line happening in it and changes itself completely halfway through the song. The thing that hurts this one is once again, someone keeps yelling “X Pistols” and the gunshot sound effect is overly used.

Ultimately, this release suffers from a variety of ailments. Besides feeling the need to yell the band name (often) and the way over use of the gunshot sample (and the cheesy lyrics) it’s too long. It’s runs around fifty two minutes long, which usually I would say is a good length but with this release, it might have been better if it was only slightly over a half an hour. That way the band could have trimmed some of the fat (there’s a lot of it) off this album and made it more listenable. And another problem with this album is that it sounds like something that should have been put out back in the early 2000’s, back when bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit still had fans, this thing would have sold an ass load of discs back then.

I really should have known that this was not a disc for me. I never got into D.I. and , in my opinion, the only decent songs The Kottonmouth Kings ever released had Tech N9ne on them and his parts were the only reason I’d even consider listening to them. That being said, I’m sure that there is an audience for this album (you’ll find it at your nearest “Gathering of the Juggalo’s”) but this reviewer is not a member of it.

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  • Your a dick…… realy your dissing icp an juggalos thats such a low blow. punks were looke down on by society an still are to a degree. I dont like all the songs on the album but i did like a few. but im not gonna say its garbage. Im a juggalo but i listen to everything. I listen to psychopathic records, subnoize, strange music, also i listen to bands like the sex pistols ( my favorite punk band from the 70s ) and good charlotte ( from my time.) I also listen to three days grace, metallica, abandon all ships hed pe, mushroom head some slipknot. i also like berry white. I like alot of forms of music. The only thing i dont like is the shit that is made pretty much just to relate to what little twelve year old girls wanna hear. Greenday is pretty much like that now with most of the songs on there albums but i still like some of them. music variety is good.

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