All We Got Records streams new “Your Wrongs, Our Rights” compilation (punk, folk-punk, hardcore)

The folks at All We Got Records have released the second volume in their Comps For A Cause series.  This one is titled “Your Wrongs, Our Rights” and it features a bunch of pretty solid punk, pop-punk, folk-punk, hardcore and indie bands including but not limited to Entropy, Tear Them Down, Chewing On Tinfoil, The Slaughterhouse Chorus, and more.

Here’s what the label had to say about the release:

“In the past few years we have seen quite a bit of forward momentum in fixing the inequalities between the ‘straight’ population and the ‘LGTBQ’ population. Of course when it comes to equality around the world, some countries still have a ways to go.

Forward momentum is great, but we cannot in good conscience, overlook the horrific events happening to our friends and neighbors around the world. People are murdered and imprisoned for love, and this has to stop!

“Your Wrongs, Our Rights”, is a compilation of bands from around the world, who believe that love is love! Together, we are taking a stand for equality on an international level, and invite you to join us. All proceeds will be donated to support international LGBTQ rights. So order your copy, share with your friends, etc, etc.

Thanks to all the bands involved for your musical donations. Thanks to Ryley Rayne for your design donations. Thanks to Colin Jay, for naming this damn thing! Thanks to the AWG! Team. Thanks to all of you for supporting the things you believe in. (don’t ever stop doing that).

All the music heard on this compilation has been graciously donated. Your $10 will not only get you 21 great tracks from various independent artist but your $10 will also go to a great cause. All net proceeds will be donated to help support LGBTQ rights internationally. This compilation is the result of a lot of heart and we are so pleased to offer this to you.”

You can stream the comp in its entirety below.

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