Answer That and Stay Fashionable: What Are Your Guilty Pleasures?

Welcome back to Answer That and Stay Fashionable, where every week various members of the Dying Scene team will take a question posed by you, the readers, and pour their hearts out in regards to all things punk rock: from favorite records and show experiences to embarrassing purchases and fashion styles. If it’s punk, it’s fair game. This week’s question:

What are your guilty pleasures, punk or otherwise?

Read our responses below.

I listen to a lot of stuff, not just punk, so I don’t really have guilty pleasures. If I were in a punk-only circle, people might roll their eyes at the pop and hip-hop artists I like, but I really don’t care. (My guilty pleasures lie in TV. Anyone want to talk about Pretty Little Liars?)

Bizarro Dustin:
If I really enjoy listening to something I tend to not feel too ashamed about listening to it, even if it is something like New Found Glory or The Used. That said, sometimes I do feel a little embarrassed when I get caught at work singing along to my own bands, particularly my hardcore punk band NO. The demos we recorded aren’t exactly the greatest quality, and the songs are riddled with mistakes and a vocalist who hadn’t quite found his footing. I don’t think anyone should really love listening to their own band as much as I do, and I’m pretty sure my co-workers are justified in slowly shaking their heads when they hear me listening to myself.

Speaking of which, you can download all of our music for free on Bandcamp. It won’t be a guilty pleasure for you… although you might find it terrible.

Justin Zipprich:
As disturbing as it sounds, I still consider No Doubt to be one of my top five bands. Their most recent effort left a lot to be desired and they are certainly more mainstream than anything else I listen to but I still celebrate their entire catalog. Albums like Tragic Kingdom, Return of Saturn and The Beacon Street Collection still hold my attention to this day.

Screeching Bottlerocket:
I don’t really have any, to be honest. I guess you could say Green Day’s a ‘guilty pleasure’ of mine if I kept the fact that I like them a secret, but it’s pretty well-known among my friends and acquaintances that I like the band. I’m not crazy about the trilogy album – you know the one, I don’t even have to name it – but Green Day was the band that got me into punk rock so I’ll always consider them to be one of my all-time favorite bands. The greatness of the old records like Dookie and Insomniac outweigh the lameness of the newer stuff – and hey, 21st Century Breakdown’s a pretty decent record!


  1. thevoice
    The Voice6/27/2014 5:36 PM | Permalink

    I really like Homegrown`s Kings of pop album. I don`t know why, and I never tell anyone or play it loud in my truck. Headphones only tunes!

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