Answer That and Stay Fashionable: What Bands (or Albums) Did You Used to Hate?

Welcome back to Answer That and Stay Fashionable, where every week various members of the Dying Scene team will take a question posed by you, the readers, and pour their hearts out in regards to all things punk rock: from favorite records and show experiences to embarrassing purchases and fashion styles. If it’s punk, it’s fair game. This week’s question:

“Are there any punk bands or albums out there that you disliked, or even outright hated, in the past that you now love and consider them (or it) a favorite?”

Read our responses below.

Midwest Punk:
This one was tough for me to answer. My music tastes have changed over the years, but there aren’t really any bands that I changed my mind about. There are a few bands that I would say I “wasn’t really into”, but I wouldn’t really say I “disliked” them. The Queers come to mind, and maybe A Wilhelm Scream, and Chixdiggit! Again, I never really disliked those bands, but I never really liked them before. But now I do, so there you go.

Screeching Bottlerocket:
I wouldn’t say I love it, but Slippery When Ill by The Vandals has definitely been growing on me a lot lately. I used to hate that album but now I like it for what it is – a fucking ridiculous album from one of the goofiest bands of all time. Just because it’s not ‘punk’ doesn’t make it bad. Uh, other than that… I guess Less Than Jake’s In With The Out Crowd. Again, I don’t absolutely love it… I just like it a lot more than I used to.

Bizarro Dustin:
Throughout high school, I was very opposed to Bad Religion. It had nothing to do with their music or their politics, but there was something in my mind that made me very anti-Bad Religion. A part of it was because everyone seemed to love them and I didn’t want to be like everyone else (c’mon, you know how a dumb 15-year-old’s mind works, don’t you?), although I think a bigger part of it had to do with the time I was hanging out in the library my sophomore year and I got cornered by these three punks shitheads who called me a “poser” and told me to “lose my mohawk or else”. One of them was wearing a Bad Religion shirt, so I always associated the band with that moment (same goes for the Misfits). About a year later I found out that they had cornered me like that because the ‘leader’ of the group (if you could call him that) was upset with me that a girl he liked (who happened to be a friend of mine) abruptly ended a conversation with him/turned him down to go talk to me. What a baby.

Anyway, even after learning that I still didn’t really care to listen to Bad Religion. It wasn’t until the fall of 2008 when I decided that I should actually listen to them and see if I liked them based on their music or not. As you might have guessed, I fell in love immediately and they quickly became one of my favorite bands.

Hopeless Romantic:
Hm. I can’t think of anything that I disliked and then grew to love – but I can say that I used to feel rather “eh” about Against Me! when I was younger (I think I had only seen them at Warped Tour once or twice)…but Transgender Dysphoria Blues blew me away and I find myself listening to them all the time now (and I’m psyched to see them at Punk Rock Bowling).

I really hated Rancid for years.  I still think they need to stop recording, but that’s more a reaction now to how there new music sounds in comparison to their prime.

It was sort of a two-fold hate.  On the one hand, everyone I knew who liked Rancid was an asshole about it.  They seemed to espouse this belief that Rancid was the new “only-band-that-matters”, the only true punk band out there, and the future of the scene.  Rancid fans in my area seemed to wear only Rancid merch.  I really, really didn’t want to be associated with anyone like that.  When I moved away, I realized not all Rancid fans are complete dicks.
The other reason why I held out on Rancid for much longer than I should have was Tim Armstrong’s vocals.  While I liked a lot of the lyrics, and thought the music itself was interesting… I really don’t think Armstrong can sing.  I still don’t think he has a very good singing voice.  It’s  hard to understand, it’s slurred, it’s the vocal equivalent of course sandpaper.  After a while, I stopped being such a musical elitist and realized that the emotional power of his voice and the overall quality of the sound Rancid produces far outweighs the mumbled style. Now, I actually like the gravel in his voice.  Go figure.



  1. kostas-svarnias
    Kostas Svarnias5/17/2014 8:26 AM | Permalink

    Alkaline Trio was too emo for me but now i know a couple of songs(a lot)

  2. radarovsky
    Radarovsky5/17/2014 8:35 AM | Permalink

    I remeber, in 1994-1995 I used to dislike The Offspring, I considered them MTv-pseudopunkers. Now it is my favourite band.
    As a teenager I also hated Nirvana for some time, because of their junkie image (and lifestyle). Then I became hardcore nirvanist, and now I still like this music.

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