Atlas Losing Grip post album update

Swedish skate punks Atlas Losing Grip have posted an update about their upcoming album:

Right now we’re in the tour bus somewhere outside of Milano and a big, yellow half moon is our only company on the highway to the airport. We’ve been touring in Italy the last couple of weeks and we have another weekend to go before we head out to some festivals in Germany and Spain. We’ve been jamming and working on/practicing some of the best songs from the new album, and I just want to tease you and say: MAAAN WE ARE SO STOKED TO LET YOU HEAR THIS NEW ALBUM OF OURS! It’s gonna be a gamechanger for us and let us finally tour all the weird places from where YOU come! So please, tell us: Where in the world are you living, and want us to come? Country/City, come one!! xoxo /Gustav

The band’s latest full-length album “State of Unrest” was released back in 2011 through Black Star Foundation.

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