Band Spotlight: Lungs

Lungs are the band for those with short attention spans.  Oh look, a dollar!  They combine the best of thrash, a little bit of metal then throw around some grand punk and/or rock riffage to pour out some of the punchiest punk-rock tunes Australia has been responsible for in a long time.  Sydney doesn’t have much to offer but these three came together in the cities inner-west, put their heads together and Lungs was born.  Creativity constantly works overtime, writing and recording four releases in four years.  A number which puts some of the world’s hardest working bands to shame.  Their most recent piece of work, The Two Chief World Systems, was actually released last week.  A constant recording and touring schedule has made them a household name for punks around Australia.  So if you’re sitting around just waiting for the internet to provide you with something awesome, head on over to their MySpace page. Oh look, something shiny…

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