Band Spotlight: Spanish Gamble

spanish-gamble-spotlightThe name Spanish Gamble may be fairly new to the game, but for the members of the band this is far from their first barbecue. By the time they added a fourth member to the band Dirty Money in 2008, they already had an EP and two split 7 inches under their belt. With the new member, came a new name, an even better sound, and Spanish Gamble was born. They wasted no time, and started writing and recording their full length album titled “It’s All Coming Down”. Several punk bands have gotten their start in the Gainesville area, but these boys break the mold of your average southern punk sound, and when you listen to them you’ll know exactly what I mean. Step number one…check out their MySpace page. Step number two.. get ready to witness the beginning of what will no doubt be epic.

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